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one of my favorite activities


My favorite hobbies growing up

Some of my favorite hobbies growing up have influenced me alot in my life, specially when I had to change countries when I move, some things, like music, or taekwondo have been a constant in my life. How so? Well, I used to do taekwondo for years growing up, I got to a high rank before i moved to America, and then I started from the bottom again here, and today I am an advanced Brown Belt in True Martial Arts and hope to gain a black belt soon. On the other end comes music, ever since I was a young child, I was put in singing classes, from there I learned the piano and continued for a while before I left, when I came here, in high school I started taking guitar 1, as well as guitar classes outside of school. I learned to find the chords and practise my songs from Ultimate Guitar Tabs Some of my other favorite activities include:

  • Drawing
  • Dancing
  • Reading
  • Writing